What's New at Wirreanda

What’s New At Wirreanda

We love hearing stories from our students and schools in both our TPN VET and TPN Australia programs, and always welcome submissions via email to simon@cosamp.com.au. Recently, during our TPN VET 2nd Semester meetings, we caught wind of some stuff that’s been happening at Wirreanda Secondary School in South Australia, just a snapshot of some of the news and events that happen each week around the network of TPN member schools. 

Year 10 VET (Wirrenda Cert III Music) student, Sam Shaw, started a petition when she found out Tafe SA Noarlunga had informed students that their music programs had been cut, and those wanting a tertiary pathway would need to go out to the Salisbury site. In addition, Sam had learned that all VET Certificate 3&4 and Diplomas would also not be offered at Adelaide University, in the city. Her initial thought was to take to Facebook, with support coming almost immediately. “I started with a Facebook page and within the first hour I had 83 members,” Sam said. “By day 3 I had over 300!”

From there, the US television drama Chicago Fire gave Sam the idea to start petitioning. “I’d watched an episode where the boy saved the firehouse with a petition he got people to sign, so I started going around with hard copies of a petition for people to sign.” Before long, Sam’s friends started taking 20, 30, even 40 petition sheets for their friends and family to sign. She then moved the campaign online, creating the petition website which gathered over 100 signatures in only a short time.

Sam is now in the process of holding meetings with TAFE SA, Chris Picton MP and hopefully speaking on behalf of a youth service who backs her petition. The aim is to keep music pathways viable to students who live in Adelaide South. To check out the campaign, visit the website at www.savetocknroll.wix.com/save-music or the online petition at www.change.org/p/musicians-and-music-lovers-save-music-in-south-adelaide

Students at Wirreanda, as well as four other schools in Adelaide South, had the privilege of working with singer/ songwriter/producer Ilan Kidron from The Potbelleez and Recording Producer Robert Conley at the end of last term in a furiously intense and creative two day workshop, writing songs from scratch and recording them. According to VET Trainer Kadri Auvaart, “The students all valued the experience, guidance and expertise of the mentors and it certainly inspired the whole group!”

The two shared insightful information and tips with copyright issues and the demands, pressures and joys of being in the music industry.

You can view a bunch of photos from the workshop here, and watch a short video of highlights on YouTube: http://youtu.be/eccPJD_AyEI.