The Equipment Room

The Equipment Room: Coming To TPN Australia

Another new feature of TPN Australia in 2015 is The Equipment Room, a section of the Teachers’ website that will house information and links for music teachers to learn all about the latest music technology and equipment, in a context relevant to music education.

The information and links provided are designed to educate teachers, and help them make informed decisions about the type of equipment required for their school. It will help teachers understand what certain devices and formats are used for and make suggestions of particular items and models particularly suited  for a school context, and a school budget.

There will be four ‘rooms’, categorising the information and links into logical areas:

Room 1: School based studio

Room 2: DAW music software lab

Room 3: Rehearsal and performance

Room 4: 21st Century music classroom

Inside the rooms, links will take teachers directly to the pages of specific equipment manufactures, or even specific equipment models including for example, interactive web-pages by the likes of Rode and Neumann microphones where you’ll be able to hear the sound of different mikes.

The Equipment Room will be launched along with all of the new features for TPN Australia at the beginning of Term 1 2015.