Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

In 2015, Virtual Classroom will be a brand new feature of the TPN, available for both TPN Australia and TPN VET member schools. Students will be able to access video-style lesson content on a range of topics across the scope of music production, including Using FX in a mix, writing great songs, cutting beats and making loops.

A selection of live Virtual Classroom events will also be offered throughout the year, meaning that school students right across Australia can tune in to a live stream of a lesson about music production, taught by an industry pro, right in the comfort of their own classroom!

Virtual Classroom will be a new area in the TPN Student website, accessible by schools purchasing an access pass which effectively a security extension to that school’s TPN membership.

Access passes for the Virtual Classroom can only be organised using COSAMP Service Points, also a new and exciting feature for TPN Member Schools in 2015. All TPN Member Schools will receive a Services account, and can purchase points that may then be used to access COSAMP services such as the Virtual Classroom, teacher PD and more.

Click here to read more about COSAMP School Services Account.

New titles on lessons to be available in the Virtual Classroom next year include:

  •    Writing great songs
  •    Making mikes sound awesome
  •    Audio stuff
  •    MIDI is easy
  •    Using FX in a mix

Click here to view a sample video of the first Virtual Classroom live nets delivered in August 2014!