ACARA & The Australian Curriculm for the Arts

Music & The Australian Curriculum

With the Australian Curriculum being implemented in schools across the country for 2015, our Education & Training Manager David Santamaria has highlighted the following statements from the curriculum documentation:

In the Pathways Years 7−8 students have the opportunity to engage with

  • An Arts program in Years 7−8 which consists of at least two Arts disciplines; one from the Performing Arts and one from the Visual Arts.
  • A Technologies program that includes in each two-year band of schooling both Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies

In the Pathways Years 9−10 students have the opportunity to engage with an Arts program that includes

  • At least one Arts discipline and
  • A Technologies program that includes both Design & Technologies and Digital Technologies.

NB. A key consideration in promoting Music is the element of music technology where students use software and hardware to create, record, edit and perform music which go to the heart of digital technologies – students studying Music with TPN resources / Certificate II in Music fall in the Digital Technologies category. So if students are studying Drama as their Performing Arts, Music could be their Digital Technology study. Our 9 week courses are fully mapped to the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and mapping will be available in the TPN Australia website for Term 1 2015.

If you haven’t looked at our TPN Australia courses and projects for Years 7 – 10 using Music Technology, contact us for more information on (03) 9592 4801 or view our TPN Australia Information PDF here!