2015 Studio Excursions Kick Off With St Bede's!

2015 Studio Excursions Kick Off With St Bede’s!

COSAMP’s Studio Excursions have kicked off for 2015, with VCE Technical Production students from St Bede’s College in Melbourne coming to Salt Studios last Friday for the first of their two visits for this year.

Students had a great day and enjoyed three extensive workshops expanding on the practical techniques and audio principles they’ve been learning in class, as well as key strategies for their upcoming exam. Divided into two small groups to ensure a focused and personal approach, students in Studio A looked at recording techniques with a focus on the requirements for ‘SAC 3 – Record, Mix & Master a CD’. From discussing the unique features of the studio, to miking a drum kit and acoustic guitar, utilising key Pro Tools features and talking through troubleshooting scenarios, everyone got a taste for life in a commercial recording facility and some of the challenges therein.

Upstairs in our Training Suite, the rest of the students were treated to an ‘Advanced Mixing Techniques in ProTools’ workshop with pro engineer and producer Greg O’Shea. Again, with a small group assembled, it was an invaluable opportunity for students to sound out Greg on particular aspects of the mixing process relevant to both their in-class and personal experience with open discussion flowing throughout each session.

The day’s programme concluded with a workshop on the VCE Technical Production Exam, giving students strategies for beginning their preparation now through the TPN Student site, and simplifying some of the heavier audio theory concepts involved.

All of us here at COSAMP would like to thank Walter and the students from St Bede’s for coming in. Whilst many of our Teacher Support and School Services put us ‘Face-To-Face’ with schools online, Studio Excursions give us the opportunity to meet staff onsite and work hands-on and directly with students in some of the key areas relevant to their Music & Technical Production study. We look forward to the next visit from St Bede’s in Term 2!

Spaces are limited for Studio Excursions, with a large number of TPN member schools already having organised their visits for this year. Keep in mind, Salt Studios is a fully operational commercial facility, so it’s best to book your workshop with as much notice as possible to ensure you secure the dates and time that suit your class most.

For more information, visit the Studio Excursions page on the COSAMP website and to book your school’s visit, click here to fill out our quick and easy webform. (If you’re a TPN member school, you can use your School Services Account points to book your Studio Excursion!)