VETiS in 2019

Partner with COSAMP to deliver VET Music Industry!

If you’re a teacher or VET Coordinator interested in delivering VET Music Industry at your school, you’ll be looking for an RTO for your school to partner with, as well as some resourcing support for your day-to-day delivery and general information about how to quickly and affordably set things up. COSAMP can assist with all those needs and more, having helped secondary schools around the country set up and deliver their VET Music Industry programs since 2009.

COSAMP’s Auspice Arrangements are specifically designed for secondary schools and combine all the necessary components of an RTO Auspice Agreement with the provision of an extensive library of fully compliant assessment tasks & tools, as well as supportive delivery resources and tailored ongoing support throughout each academic year. Included in the delivery resources is our media-rich interactive Student Site, packed with over 160 lessons, self-marking quizzes, keywords PDFs, audio/video tutorials and more. We also provide schools with a Data Resources Hard Drive containing 350GB+ of preformatted multi-track practice tasks in range of leading DAW software platforms. The drive is a companion to the online resources, with sessions accompanied by PDF worksheets encouraging students to explore and respond.

Most importantly, our Teacher Site has all the assets you’ll need to deliver your course, including fully compliant assessment tasks & tools for over 80 units of competency, a step-by-step compliance timeline outlining your school’s VET responsibilities throughout the year, program planning support & more. We’ve surveyed our network of over 160 VET auspiced member schools to offer the most streamlined and relevant content to our program teachers!

All new COSAMP member schools begin their membership with the Get VET Ready program, which takes place in the year preceding the first year of delivery under our auspices. The Get VET Ready program is designed to assist schools in their preparations for delivery, collaboratively work through some of our RTO requirements, help schools with equipment requirements and unit selection, as well as make sure all program teachers are comfortable with their requirements throughout the year and how to use our online resource websites.

As a new COSAMP member school in the Get VET Ready program, you’ll receive:

  • Early access to our online resources, including the interactive Student Site and the Teacher Site complete with our Unit Selection program planning docs and assessment tasks & tools
  • Early delivery of the Data Resources Hard Drive to allow you and your IT Department to load the Practice Task session files onto your computer(s) or network well ahead of time
  • Two structured Online Support Meetings and allow as much time as possible for COSAMP to collaboratively work with new member schools.

Enquire now about how COSAMP can partner with your school to assist in the delivery of VET Music Industry from 2020. Contact us via email or call and speak to Simon Imrei on (03) 9592 4801.