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2015 Studio Excursions Kick Off With St Bede's!

2015 Studio Excursions Kick Off With St Bede’s!

COSAMP’s Studio Excursions have kicked off for 2015, with VCE Technical Production students from St Bede’s College in Melbourne coming to Salt Studios last Friday for the first of their two visits for this year. Students had a great day and enjoyed three extensive workshops expanding on the practical techniques and audio principles they’ve been learning in class, as well as key strategies for their upcoming exam. Divided into two small groups to ensure a focused and personal approach, students in Studio A looked at recording techniques with a focus on the requirements for ‘SAC 3 – Record, Mix & Master a CD’. From discussing the unique features of the studio, to miking a drum kit and acoustic guitar, utilising key Pro Tools features and talking through troubleshooting scenarios, everyone got a taste for life in a commercial recording facility and some of the challenges therein. Upstairs in our Training Suite, the rest of the students were treated to an ‘Advanced Mixing Techniques in ProTools’ workshop with pro engineer and producer Greg O’Shea. Again, with a small group assembled, it was an invaluable opportunity for students to sound out Greg on particular aspects of the mixing process relevant to both their in-class and personal experience with open discussion flowing throughout each session. The day’s programme concluded with a workshop on the VCE Technical Production Exam, giving students strategies for beginning their preparation now through the TPN Student site, and simplifying some of the heavier audio theory concepts involved. All of us here at COSAMP would like to thank Walter and the students from St Bede’s for coming in. Whilst many of our Teacher Support and School Services put us ‘Face-To-Face’ with schools online, Studio Excursions give us the opportunity to meet staff onsite and work hands-on and directly with students in some of the key areas relevant to their Music & Technical Production study. We look forward to the next visit from St Bede’s in Term 2! Spaces are limited for Studio Excursions, with a large number of TPN member schools already having organised their visits for this year. Keep in mind, Salt Studios is a fully operational commercial facility, so it’s best to book your workshop with as much notice as possible to ensure you secure the dates and time that suit your class most. For more information, visit the Studio Excursions page on the COSAMP website and to book your school’s visit, click here to fill out our quick and easy webform. (If you’re a TPN member school, you can use your School Services Account points to book your Studio Excursion!)

IBSA Feedback Units Now Online

New ‘CUS’ Music Units Listed Online For Feedback

As part of the current review of the Music Training Package, IBSA (Innovations and Business Skills Australia) has released the new “CUS” coded Units of Competency on their feedback hub. These units have been transferred into the new format for training packages and had a review and update regarding industry currency and best practice. They’ll be available for review and feedback during the consultation period that finishes on April 2nd. If you haven’t visited IBSA’s feedback hub previously, you will need to quickly register with your name and email address. When you arrive on the feedback hub page, click on DRAFT MATERIALS and then click on the folder marked “CUS Draft Units”. Due to the new format for Units of Competency, you will find two documents for each unit; the Unit outline doc and the Assessment Requirements doc. Please review both docs for any units you look at, so as to get a complete picture of of the unit. You may also like to look at the drafts for the new qualifications. You’ll find the new music industry qualifications include options for each of the traditional streams; music, sound or technical production and music business. COSAMP is working closely with IBSA on this Music Training Package review. We will keep teachers in TPN VET member schools informed as developments occur and we approach the endorsement of the new qualifications this year. To visit the IBSA Feedback Hub, CLICK HERE!

COSAMP Webinars & PD Certificates

Music Teacher PD Made Easy with COSAMP Webinars

As part of the Events Calendar, COSAMP presents a range of live webinars throughout the year covering a range of topics relevant to the modern music teacher. Attendance to these webinars is free and registration is easy with just a couple of clicks on the COSAMP website. Teachers looking for flexible online PD can utlise both the COSAMP Events Calendar (for live events) and the COSAMP Conference On Demand (for webinar replays). These two online portals allow Teachers to do their PD from the comfort of their own home or office and also provide Certificates mapped to the Australian Standards for Teacher Professional Development. To request a Webinar/PD Certificate, click here. This link can also be found on either of the two TPN Teacher Sites, under the School Services -> PD areas. For more information about our School Services “Certificate Pack”, visit the School Services page!

The COSAMP Events Calendar

The 2015 Events Calendar Is Live!

The COSAMP team are proud to announce our 2015 Webinar & Events Calendar is now live, featuring an array of live Webinars, Workshops, affiliate PD events and more!  With the website upgrades over the summer, previous visitors will notice the calendar has been refreshed to fall in line with our new ‘Conference On Demand’ format. Teachers can choose from the category list and sort videos by: LIVE WEBINARS: Featuring all our upcoming webinars covering topics like ‘Using Music Software’ (ie. Reason, Ableton, etc), ‘Using Audio Equipment’ (ie. Stereo Mic Techniques, Teaching How To Use FX, etc) and many more! MASTERCLASSES & WORKSHOPS: Featuring our two ‘Masterclass’ events, to be held at Salt Studios, and our two ‘PD Group Workshops’, to be held on location in both Western Australia and South Australia in mid 2015. ONLINE CERT IV OBSERVATION DAYS: Featuring the observation dates for students currently studying COSAMP’s Online Cert IV in Sound Production VET MODERATION MEETINGS: Featuring dates for our three VET Moderation sessions in Term 3 VIRTUAL CLASSROOM: Featuring 3 of our 4 live Virtual Classroom lessons taking place in 2015 UPCOMING LIVE CONFERENCES: Featuring the upcoming conference events from across Australia that music educators need to know about, including DAYTIME (presented by Music EDnet), ASME 2015, ADMIS, the Maryborough Music Conference and more! OTHER EVENTS: Featuring key festivals/events and PD seminars/events from affiliate organisations and music technology education providers. For teachers in our TPN VET or TPN Australia programs looking to do some Professional Development online, the events calendar takes you straight to the registration pages for each of our live webinars. Once you’ve attended a COSAMP webinar, or watched a replay via our Conference On Demand portal, you can request a PD certificate by clicking the link in your respective TPN Teachers’ site (see the ‘School Services / PD’ page). All in all, the COSAMP Calendar is your one-stop-shop for all the upcoming events you need to know about. View the calendar now by clicking here or clicking the link under the NEWS & EVENTS menu tab. If you know about an upcoming event that we should add to our calendar, email the details through to

Harlow (Sacred Heart Senior)

Sounds From Sacred Heart (SA)

Continuing on from Emmanuel College (Warrnambool), our second TPN Featured Sounds’ artist is ‘Harlow’ (aka. Harry Honner-Hounslow) from TPN VET member school, Sacred Heart College Senior in South Australia. Harry is currently in Year 12 at Sacred Heart, having already completed Certificates II and III through COSAMP, and has been producing for 3 years. Heavily involved in the EDM scene, he was short listed to the Top 7 in the country for the ‘5 Songs In 50 days’ comp hosted by APRA and in 2013 won the ASME Young Composers Award for his electronic piece Starburst. This month, his track Miss You is featured on our TPN Student site homepage. According to Sacred Heart teacher Bianca Pittman, the track “has 33 channels in it, a drop consisting of a bass layer, 2 chord layers and 2 melody layers to fill out the sound. It also has a kick, white noise and percussion later on.” Pittman goes on to say, “It’s an emotional, progressive house song with the main characteristic being the lyrics and the ‘guitar line’, which is low pass filtered up in the breakdowns.” If you’re one of our member schools, head to the TPN Student Site now to listen to ‘Miss You’ by Harlow (with Adriatix & featuring Mrs Vengi)! To submit a track from your school for our ‘Featured Sounds’, email with your School Name, as well as the Song and Band name relating to each song.

New TPN VET Assessment Marking Guides!

New TPN VET Assessment Marking Guides!

TPN VET member teachers may have noted that the Assessment Matrices in the TPN VET website have had a bit of a re-fresh last week.  Those of you that downloaded your Assessments (ASR & LNR) documents previously might like to check out the updated Assessment matrix for your qualification. You’ll notice: A new eye-pleasing layout A new marking guide in the Assessment Tools column Active links to view UoCs on Links to the relevant lesson in the TPN Student site Links to the TPN Exercise PDFs It is important to note that the Marking Guide looks like the assessment task sheet in Total VET, but it DOES NOT replace Total VET.  It is provided for you to view the assessment criteria for a task, or to use as an interim measure while students are enrolling with ACAS and you are waiting for your tailored Total VET file to be sent to you. Teachers can list student names and put ticks in the relevant cells, but when you receive your Total VET excel file, please copy any assessment detail into the relevant assessment sheet in Total VET, then discard the Marking Guide. For more information about COSAMP’s VET auspicing and resources services, ‘TPN VET’, and what it can do to help support the delivery of your VET Music/Technology program in your school, contact us on (03) 9592 4801 or email

The COSAMP Conference On Demand

Discover ‘Conference on Demand’!

In 2015, COSAMP has launched the new Conference On demand. This unique online portal for music teacher Professional Development comprises a selection of videos and webinar recordings grouped into 8 rooms of different topics, all designed to benefit the modern music teacher. The videos are generally 50-60mins in length and are presented by COSAMP staff or music technology experts from schools all of over Australia. The Conference On Demand ‘rooms’ are: Creating the New Music Classroom Using Music Software Producing Music Teaching Audio Principles Training & Assessing Using Audio Equipment Keynote Presentations The Trader’s Hall Teachers in TPN Member schools may access the Conference by using their school’s TPN Teachers’ Site username and password. Teachers can also request a PD certificate for videos they have watched in the Conference in Demand portal, by simply clicking on the link in the TPN VET or TPN Australia Teachers’ Sites, on the Professional Development (School Services) page. You can find the COSAMP Conference On Demand under the ‘Online Training’ tab on the COSAMP website top menu, or by clicking here!

Scoresby Top The Class

Scoresby Top The Class

Kat Almadin and Jack Lucas from Scoresby Secondary College in Scoresby Victoria have been selected for Top Class Music for VCE VET Music Performance for the VCE Season of Excellence 2014 and will be performing at the Melbourne Recital Centre in March! Scoresby VET Music Trainer and Instrumental Music Teacher Judy McLaren said, “I have been working with Jack (guitar) and Kat (vocals) since Year 7 and I’m really thrilled for them!. They’re both exceptionally musical and hard working and have done everything that’s been asked of them.” Kat and Jack, who were both in Year 11 last year, are also the 2015 Scoresby School Captains and have started performing professionally as a duo under the name ‘Pas De Deux’. If you’ve got any exciting news or information about students within our network of TPN member schools, make sure to email us at and we’ll include it in our weekly newsletter.

Emmanuel Proves Popular!

Emmanuel College Proves Popular!

With the fresh looks and new features of the 2015 suite of TPN websites, students have now got the opportunity to submit their bands’ recordings and be featured each month on our TPN Student site!   Our ‘TPN Featured Sounds’ soundcloud page puts students’ sounds right on the home page of the Student site, with over 200 schools accessing the resource each week. One of our first submissions was from Emmanuel College, Warrnambool, with the band ‘Say Please’ now being featured. Their song ‘Waves’ went to number one on the Triple J Unearthed High charts nationwide and received airplay on the station as well. Within the first week of being featured, the song has had almost 100 plays from within the COSAMP network. We look forward to hearing more of the great work from students across Australia and New Zealand using the TPN resources! Showcase your students’ work and give your school’s young musicians and songwriters another way to promote their music to people all across the country by emailing recordings in to with your School Name, as well as the Song and Band name relating to each song.

Welcome to 2015!

A New Year, A Fresh Look!

To all of our member schools and students, welcome to 2015! As you all have probably noticed we have created a number of significant improvements to the look and functionality of the COSAMP and TPN websites. Here are some key aspects of the TPN online resource material that have changed for 2015: All TPN websites are now accessed through the Login Portal on the COSAMP website School account information including login details, programs delivered, current staff and Services Account points balance can be viewed and verified through the “My Account” login page on the COSAMP website The webinar archive that was previously available on the TPN teachers’ sites is now called “Conference On Demand” and is available on the Online Training page of the COSAMP website TPN PD has now become COSAMP School Services; extending the range of services that can be used by schools with our unique points based system. Includes all previously available Professional Development options. There is a range of new features across all the TPN resource websites. Please explore these and contact us if you have any questions. TPN VET Teachers’ website: Compliance timeline WACE / VET Program plans IT system requirements Bookmarks TPN Australia Teachers’ website: Complete website re-design New Australian Curriculum courses for Music technology Rockschool Australia exclusive support and discounts on book orders The Equipment Room TPN Student website: Featured Sounds Bookshop Study Pathways Virtual Classroom If you’re one of our member schools or students exploring the new sites for the first time this year, please let us know if you have any trouble logging on or navigating through and make sure to contact us with any questions.