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ACARA & The Australian Curriculm for the Arts

Music & The Australian Curriculum

With the Australian Curriculum being implemented in schools across the country for 2015, our Education & Training Manager David Santamaria has highlighted the following statements from the curriculum documentation: In the Pathways Years 7−8 students have the opportunity to engage with An Arts program in Years 7−8 which consists of at least two Arts disciplines; one from the Performing Arts and one from the Visual Arts. A Technologies program that includes in each two-year band of schooling both Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies In the Pathways Years 9−10 students have the opportunity to engage with an Arts program that includes At least one Arts discipline and A Technologies program that includes both Design & Technologies and Digital Technologies. NB. A key consideration in promoting Music is the element of music technology where students use software and hardware to create, record, edit and perform music which go to the heart of digital technologies – students studying Music with TPN resources / Certificate II in Music fall in the Digital Technologies category. So if students are studying Drama as their Performing Arts, Music could be their Digital Technology study. Our 9 week courses are fully mapped to the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and mapping will be available in the TPN Australia website for Term 1 2015. If you haven’t looked at our TPN Australia courses and projects for Years 7 – 10 using Music Technology, contact us for more information on (03) 9592 4801 or view our TPN Australia Information PDF here!  


WACE Stage 2 VET Music

With the changes to WACE in 2015, now is a great time to consider dual recognition with both WACE Stage 2 (General) and Certificate II in Music. This type of program means that students get the best of both worlds: A nationally recognised certificate WACE credits from Stage 2 Music & The ability to participate in more than 2 VET certificates in WACE COSAMP has created a program plan which meets both WACE Stage 2 (General) and Certificate II in Music. If teachers would like a copy of our program plan, call David on 0427 310 564 or email him directly on

The Equipment Room

The Equipment Room: Coming To TPN Australia

Another new feature of TPN Australia in 2015 is The Equipment Room, a section of the Teachers’ website that will house information and links for music teachers to learn all about the latest music technology and equipment, in a context relevant to music education. The information and links provided are designed to educate teachers, and help them make informed decisions about the type of equipment required for their school. It will help teachers understand what certain devices and formats are used for and make suggestions of particular items and models particularly suited  for a school context, and a school budget. There will be four ‘rooms’, categorising the information and links into logical areas: Room 1: School based studio Room 2: DAW music software lab Room 3: Rehearsal and performance Room 4: 21st Century music classroom Inside the rooms, links will take teachers directly to the pages of specific equipment manufactures, or even specific equipment models including for example, interactive web-pages by the likes of Rode and Neumann microphones where you’ll be able to hear the sound of different mikes. The Equipment Room will be launched along with all of the new features for TPN Australia at the beginning of Term 1 2015.

TPN Student 'Featured Sounds'

Submit your students’ recordings to be featured on our Student Site!

As part of the TPN Student Site upgrades in 2015, COSAMP is calling for schools to submit student band recordings/demos and recordings from within their music technology programs to be featured online each month through our SoundCloud platform.  One of the key pillars for our Student Site, aside from providing a leading interactive study guide across our 32 TPN Program Areas, is to create a site packed full of student focused information and foster the sense of community and networking that’s essential in the industry, post study. Alongside Songbook, with its hundreds of audio/video song links, lyrics and artist information, sits exclusive IndustryTV instructional videos and career based interviews and our Access All Areas industry reference guide. From next year, we’ll add the ability to “feature” songs from students within the TPN, with a playlist to appear right on the home page, once logged in. With over 200 schools using the TPN and over 5,000 students accessing the Student Site each week, it will be a great way to showcase your students’ work, but also for the bands and artists themselves to promote their music to people all across the country. We’ll also be adding in the latest youth specific music news and information, our Virtual Classroom platform, COSAMP and Melbourne Polytechnic Study Pathway information and much more. We’ve already begun accepting submissions from Teachers and Music Coordinators, with the process quick and easy. If you’ve got some student recordings from your school based programs, email through your mp3 recording(s) or send a downloadable link through to with your School Name and the Song and Band name relating to each song. Students can also submit their own band recordings from outside the classroom as well! Keep an eye on for more information about the coming site upgrades. 

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

In 2015, Virtual Classroom will be a brand new feature of the TPN, available for both TPN Australia and TPN VET member schools. Students will be able to access video-style lesson content on a range of topics across the scope of music production, including Using FX in a mix, writing great songs, cutting beats and making loops. A selection of live Virtual Classroom events will also be offered throughout the year, meaning that school students right across Australia can tune in to a live stream of a lesson about music production, taught by an industry pro, right in the comfort of their own classroom! Virtual Classroom will be a new area in the TPN Student website, accessible by schools purchasing an access pass which effectively a security extension to that school’s TPN membership. Access passes for the Virtual Classroom can only be organised using COSAMP Service Points, also a new and exciting feature for TPN Member Schools in 2015. All TPN Member Schools will receive a Services account, and can purchase points that may then be used to access COSAMP services such as the Virtual Classroom, teacher PD and more. Click here to read more about COSAMP School Services Account. New titles on lessons to be available in the Virtual Classroom next year include:    Writing great songs    Making mikes sound awesome    Audio stuff    MIDI is easy    Using FX in a mix Click here to view a sample video of the first Virtual Classroom live nets delivered in August 2014!

Bookshop, Coming to the TPN Student Site in 2015

Bookshop: Coming To The TPN Student Site

Another of the exciting features to be launched in the coming months is the Bookshop, a brand new section of the TPN Student website to be available as part of our 2015 sites and features upgrades.  Inside the Bookshop you’ll find a collection of recommended textbooks and e-books proven to be a great companion for any contemporary music program. You will be able to click on an image of a book, read a detailed description and follow a link to a relevant website, such as, with purchasing options and postage information. A small selection of titles will be available in the Bookshop when it launches with the new-look student site in February 2015, with the range set to expand in the months following as we come across other great textbooks and e-books to recommend to our students and teachers. The initial focus of the Bookshop will be on audio and studio based music production and will eventually grow to include other great sections. If you have any suggestions of textbooks or e-books that would be a great addition to the Bookshop, please let us know via email at The full series of Rockschool Grade books for Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano and Vocals will be available to read about, although purchasing the Rockschool books will be best done through the TPN Australia Teachers Site, where the exclusive 30% discount will be available.


Central Australian Music Showcased at AWME

Aboriginal music from Central Australia will be showcased to an international audience next month during the Australasian World Music Expo (AWME), with a showcase featuring Jacinta Price, Stewart Gaykamangu and Tjintu Desert Band to be held in Melbourne 13-16 November.  AWME attracts over 500 national and international music industry delegates and creates opportunities for Australian artists to present their music to both local and international buyers and festival promoters. “We want to bring the Aboriginal music of Central Australia into the national and international spotlight. The diverse talents of the three acts we’ve chosen will showcase what this region has to offer. All the emerging artists we’re currently recording are going to benefit from this exposure,” says Micheal Smith, manager of CAAMA Music. This year, Jacinta Price toured Western Australia and has performed at the National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMAs), the Darwin Festival, Alice Desert Festival and at the BIG SOUND music industry conference held in Brisbane. As well as her upcoming performance at AWME, she’ll be featuring at the Nannup Folk Festival in Western Australia 27 Feb – 2 March. Stewart Gaykamangu, previously of Iwantja Band, has been working on his debut album, due for release early 2015 and his song-writing skills have been in demand, fulfilling commissions to write the Quitline’s anti-smoking song Break Free and the anniversary song for Ayers Rock Resort Tjukurpa Ninti. 2014 has been Tjintu Desert Band’s break-out year, with national review coverage for their debut album Tjamuku Ngurra, a nomination for Best New Talent at the NIMAs, four songs listed as finalists for NT Song of the Year, and performances at Barunga Festival, the NIMAs in Darwin, Alice Desert Festival and Around the Campfire. Demand continues to grow for Tjintu Desert Band, who have just been included in the latest line-up announcements for Nannup Folk Festival in WA and two of the most high-profile festivals in Australia – Woodford Folk Festival and WOMADelaide in March 2015. Sponsored by the Northern Territory Government’s Arts Grant Program, the CAAMA Music Showcase will be a free event held at the Shebeen in Melbourne from 12-2pm on Friday 14 November.

Rockschool Australia

Rockschool & TPN Australia

COSAMP is proud to announce an exciting new initiative beginning in 2015, involving Rockschool and TPN Australia. Rockschool is an International rock music exam board, specialising in qualifications for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano and Vocals. Rockschool was founded in the UK in 1991 and delivers qualifications that are recognised in 28 countries around the world. The Grade books for the eight levels of the Rockschool system include unique and totally professional sounding pieces and technical work in a range of styles for each of the five instruments. Rockschool Australia is managed by Big Music Studios, Sydney and provides a unique approach to instrumental exams, with regular exam periods in centres all over Australia. COSAMP’s facilities in Melbourne will provide a specialist digital and online exam service making the Rockschool exam experience and qualifications accessible for students in remote TPN Member Schools, anywhere in Australia. Through TPN Australia, COSAMP is proud to provide Member Schools with exclusive benefits to engage in the Rockschool system and use the books and exams as part of their music programs. These exclusive benefits include: 30% discount on all Rockschool books purchased through the TPN Australia teachers’ website Book orders through TPN Australia website shipped directly to your school Video tutorials and webinars to support teachers in the use of the Rockschool system Convenient links to book exams through COSAMP on teacher and student websites COSAMP hosted online exams for students in remote TPN Australia Member Schools Support and guidance for incorporating Rockschool into your school’s music program Look out for the Rockschool page on the new look TPN Australia website launching in Term 1, 2015. In the meantime, you can hear more about COSAMP’s exciting new arrangement with Rockschool, as well as many other new features of TPN Australia 2015, at our information webinar on Wednesday November 26th, 7:30pm (AEDT). To register for the webinar, simply click on this link:

What's New at Wirreanda

What’s New At Wirreanda

We love hearing stories from our students and schools in both our TPN VET and TPN Australia programs, and always welcome submissions via email to Recently, during our TPN VET 2nd Semester meetings, we caught wind of some stuff that’s been happening at Wirreanda Secondary School in South Australia, just a snapshot of some of the news and events that happen each week around the network of TPN member schools.  SAVE MUSIC IN THE SOUTH Year 10 VET (Wirrenda Cert III Music) student, Sam Shaw, started a petition when she found out Tafe SA Noarlunga had informed students that their music programs had been cut, and those wanting a tertiary pathway would need to go out to the Salisbury site. In addition, Sam had learned that all VET Certificate 3&4 and Diplomas would also not be offered at Adelaide University, in the city. Her initial thought was to take to Facebook, with support coming almost immediately. “I started with a Facebook page and within the first hour I had 83 members,” Sam said. “By day 3 I had over 300!” From there, the US television drama Chicago Fire gave Sam the idea to start petitioning. “I’d watched an episode where the boy saved the firehouse with a petition he got people to sign, so I started going around with hard copies of a petition for people to sign.” Before long, Sam’s friends started taking 20, 30, even 40 petition sheets for their friends and family to sign. She then moved the campaign online, creating the petition website which gathered over 100 signatures in only a short time. Sam is now in the process of holding meetings with TAFE SA, Chris Picton MP and hopefully speaking on behalf of a youth service who backs her petition. The aim is to keep music pathways viable to students who live in Adelaide South. To check out the campaign, visit the website at or the online petition at  SONGWRITING WORKSHOPS WITH INDUSTRY MENTORS Students at Wirreanda, as well as four other schools in Adelaide South, had the privilege of working with singer/ songwriter/producer Ilan Kidron from The Potbelleez and Recording Producer Robert Conley at the end of last term in a furiously intense and creative two day workshop, writing songs from scratch and recording them. According to VET Trainer Kadri Auvaart, “The students all valued the experience, guidance and expertise of the mentors and it certainly inspired the whole group!” The two shared insightful information and tips with copyright issues and the demands, pressures and joys of being in the music industry. You can view a bunch of photos from the workshop here, and watch a short video of highlights on YouTube:

COSAMP & Melbourne Polytechnic Showcase Series

The 2015 Showcase Concert Series

In support of year 11 and 12 VETiS Music and Technical Production school programs, COSAMP and Melbourne Polytechnic are planning a series of four showcase concerts and performances throughout 2015. These concert performances will be presented on-site at either the Melbourne Polytechnic Fairfield or Prahran Campuses in two outstanding theatre venues. •  The David Williamson Theatre (Prahran Campus) •  The Yarra Edge Theatre (Fairfield Campus) COSAMP TPN students will have opportunities to perform as well as have a high degree of involvement in the audio recording and live sound elements of each of the concerts. Events will involve advanced theatre lighting, audio, back stage and stage management components provided by Melbourne Polytechnic students and staff, with COSAMP student involvement in various elements of the program. Each concert will be multitrack recorded and resulting pro-tools sessions can be returned on request to schools for Post Production, mixing and re-mixing work activities. Proposed weeks for these 2015 concerts are*; Concert 1 – Week commencing Monday March 16, 2015 or Monday April 27 Concert 2 – Week commencing Monday June 1 Concert 3 – Week beginning Monday August 24 Concert 4 – Week beginning Monday September 14 (VET VCE Music Exam preparation) *exact dates are to be advised If you’re an interested school looking to get involved in one or more of these events, contact us here at COSAMP for details.