TPN Australia, mapped to the Australia Curriculum for the Arts
The Equipment Room in TPN Australia

TPN Australia

TPN Australia, presented by COSAMP

TPN Australia is a subscription based school support model, providing all music teachers and students in a school music department with access to the COSAMP resources.

Our network of music education organisations puts the school and its music teachers within instant reach of expert support:

  • Curricular support & program design
  • Professional development
  • Technical assistance
  • Advice and guidance on purchasing and upgrading equipment resources
  • Virtual classroom sessions

What you’ll get

Member schools will get access to the TPN Australia Teacher resource website with hundreds of downloadable documents including:

  • Suggested course guides for Years 7 -10
  • Lesson guides & Practical exercise guides
  • Assessment tasks guide for students and teachers
  • Planning documents and curricular mapping information
  • iPad and tablet support – including the iPad Series of exercises and the App Guide for music education
  • & more!

Curricular frameworks

  • National Curriculum for The Arts (Music)
  • VCE Music
  • SACE Music Technology

Years 7 – 10 courses:

  • Music theory through technology: 1
  • Music theory through technology: 2
  • Music theory through technology (fast-track)
  • Making music using software: 1
  • Making music using software: 2
  • Recording and mixing: 1
  • Recording and mixing: 2
  • Sound & music in multi-media
  • Sound in live music events

Aside from the resource library

On top of the core resources, COSAMP also offers TPN Australia member schools:

  • Advice and information on upgrading equipment and technology with ‘The Equipment Room’
  • The Bookshop, a selection of recommended eBooks and textbooks to accompany your music program
  • The Virtual Classroom student platform
  • & more

PD and other services

COSAMP also has a range of professional development solutions including one-on-one remote access sessions, onsite group workshops and live online webinars. These informative sessions encompass both music technology topics as well as training & assessing.

Members can also take advantage of COSAMP’s Tailored Program curriculum design service.

Sign your school up for a TPN Australia licence for one simple annual subscription fee, covering full access for all teachers and students in a school’s music department.